11 Nov


         In welcoming the new year, my friends and I went to the beach Ujung Genteng we left at 1 pm, where we want both merayaan New Year, when a trip to the beach, the streets are not so crowded, we were lucky, because at New Year’s is usually crowded streets, we arrived at the beach around 4 pm, we were very happy, because they can arrive safely, the first thing we do, is eating, after eating, we took pictures, then we went to the beach.

          We were just sitting and watch, beautiful ocean views, the day before the evening, we decided to, looking for dinner, after dinner, we walked back to the beach, the beach held fireworks, we were very pleased, the new year will be replaced when we were getting ready to jump together, and hooray finally the new year has changed, we decided to sleep for the night, the next morning, we were getting ready to, please return to our home, on the go, we were all asleep, too tired, when he got home, we went back to their homes, that’s the story experience, on holidays yesterday.

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Posted by on November 11, 2014 in Coretanku


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